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Customer Notification (1/21/2013)

Data Services are intermittent

Services Impacted: Service is intermittent to EasiTrack outside Network

Severity: Medium


Our GPS Trackers transmit the data to our servers via Cellular Network provided by AT&T and TMobile mainly. In the last few days some devices have had difficulties connecting to these networks, causing a delay in the data transmitted to our servers. This is a problem affecting not only EasiTrack devices but also devices of other GPS Tracking vendors.

This issue has affected only a portion of our devices population. The devices affected are partially affected as they intermittently present this outage.

Actions being taken:

Our engineers have been working round-the-clock with the carriers' engineers in solving this problem.

Update: The provider of Data Services has finally identified the exact problem and is working towards resolution.

As soon as the issue has been determined and resolved, we will publish a resolution notice. If you experience issues related to this notice after EasiTrack has confirmed all operations are back to normal, please contact EasiTrack support at the numbers listed below.

EasiTrack Support

321-710-9996 (Business hours)